The Richardson Council of PTAs has established the SaGE committee to act as liaison between families and teachers to share information, resources, and friendship; and, to advocate for secure adequate laws that provide for the appropriate education, care, and protection of our children and youth. We encourage and strive to promote a close alliance between parents and educators of diverse learners in hopes of benefiting all children. Our SaGE committees are dedicated to supporting students who receive services for, or who are sometimes considered, special, different, delayed, gifted, or twice-exceptional (special and gifted).


The RISD Council SaGE committee works to develop stronger relationships with parents, teachers, administrators, and other PTAs to extend knowledge, understanding, and encouragement to this diverse and complex group of learners. RISD currently provides services designated as Special (Special Student Services) and Gifted (Advanced Academic Studies) to 25% of our student population. These groups, while identified separately, may both struggle with many of the same social and peer-relation interactions.


SaGE members consist of highly dedicated parent volunteers, experienced in raising and/or educating special and gifted children, who work together to provide support, communication, and education to our Special and Gifted Families, teachers, administrators, and support staff.




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