Our PTA is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school.

Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year.

Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions.



Merriman Park Elementary

PTA Board 2023-2024


President  Brooke Bailey
1st VP Programs  Kate Cox
2nd VP Membership  Courtney Harrison
3rd VP Fundraising Blythe Grates
4th VP Disbursements  Avery Benitez
Secretary Bryn Volkmer
Treasurer  Brooke Schmidt
Parliamentarian (appointed not elected) Corley Larmer
Academic Excellence (Noetic, Lonestar, etc) Zoi Thornton
Arts in Education (Reflections) Laura Leavell
Arts in Education Committee Member  Emily Campion
Auction Chair Katie Beth Ongena
Auction Committee Member  Sarah Terry
Auction Committee Member  Yvina Olalia
Auction Committee Member  Anna Eisenlohr
Carnival Meg Glubiak
Carnival Committee Member  Kat Grief
Community Partners  Abbie Skipwith
Community Partners Committee Member Val Lackey
Directory/Technology (Website) Heather Bern
DEI [Diversity, Equity & Inclusion] Chairman Crystal Passley
DEI Committee Member Gaby Lollar
DEI Committee Member Berry Thomas
DEI Committee Member Licia Kamler
DEI Committee Member Deanna Boyd
Environmental/Grounds/OLC Ashlee Ehman
Field Day Ashley Grover
Field Day Committee Member Laura Gearhart
Field Day Committee Member Christa Salgado
Historian (Staff pics; PTA Scrapbook) Julie Cook
Hospitality  Brooke Ricketts
Hospitality Committee Member Britt Coke
Inspirational/Sunshine Committee  Nikki Spangler
Learning Link/Library (Book Fair) Lindsey Enderby
Newsletter (September Spark) Ashley Bradley
Preschool Liason (PeeWee Panthers) Nicole Allen
Preschool Liason Committee Member  Amy Parker
Preschool Liason Committee Member  Jordan Turner
Preschool Liason Committee Member  Jenny Winklemann
Preschool Liason Committee Member  Danielle Wilson
Preschool Liason Committee Member  Keri Clements
Pride Rally Lea Handler
Public Relations (Social Media) Miranda Henson
RISD Delegate (Council of PTAs Used Book Fair) Christine Duffy
RISD Delegate Alternate  Kathryn Tanchez
Room Representative  Lauren Worthy
SAGE - Special & Gifted Education Kim Justice
Sixth Grade Activities   Camie LaRose
Sixth Grade Activities Comm Member Louise Boll
Sixth Grade Activities Comm Member Lindsay Halford
Sixth Grade Activities Comm Member Ame Moss
Sixth Grade/First Grade Pals Carolina Martin
Sixth Grade/First Grade Pals Comm Member Erin Griffin
Sixth Grade/First Grade Pals Comm Member Lauren Solomon
Sixth Grade/First Grade Pals Comm Member Karen Cheek
Fifth Grade/Kinder Pals Catherine Coleman
Fifth Grade/Kinder Pals Committee Member Clare Carona
Fifth Grade/Kinder Pals Committee Member Ashley Mason
Fifth Grade/Kinder Pals Committee Member Kim Phillips
Specials Liaison Rachel Timmins
Spiritwear Beth Boyd
Spiritwear Committee Member Sarah Burdick
Supplemental Fundraiser (Spirit Nights) Jess Palahicky
Student Aide/Clothes Closet Annie Parks
Student Aide/Clothes Closet Sarah Fitzgerald
Student Aide/Beta Club Michelle Snedden
Student Aide/Beta Club  
Student Aide/Counselor/Community Outreach Mary Grinsfelder
Studen Aide/Counselor/Community Comm. Memb. Hilary Atkinson
Supply Sale/Back to School Night Libby Henry
Supply Sale Committee Member Kelly Gates
Staff Appreciation Brenda Bird
Staff Appreciation Committee Member Emily Johnson
Volunteer Services (Vol hrs; May Awards Bfast) Sarah Eames
Yearbook  Emily Bisignano
Yearbook Committee Member Meredith Gibbs
Yearbook Committee Member Amber Murray
Yearbook Committee Member Hillary Brown
Principal  Stacey Marx
Assistant Principal  Trey Ivey
Teacher Representative Rebecca Novick
Teacher Representative Bethany Lavallais




MPE PTA Bylaws and Standing Rules 

Click HERE for the 2021 approved bylaws.

Click HERE for the 2021 approved standing rules.